Best devices to tracker your belogings

Asset Tracking

If you want to know about your luggage or valuables. We ThinkRace Technology gives you the device which helps you to track your assets when you are going out of a station. Our device provides you with the real-time location of your assets. Our OEM/ODM service gives you a great chance to increase your business.

Key Functional Area

Luggage Tracker

ThinkRace Technology brings you the, a pocket-size smart luggage tracker. The device is handy with all kinds of luggage such as a backpack, suitcase, briefcase etc. The device allows real-time tracking of your luggage and provides location history for the same. Access your bag’s location through our integrated mobile app available for both iOS & Android or through our web platform.


Asset Tracking Product

To save your assets we have a convenient product which helps you to track your goods. Enjoy your journey with glistening GPS tracker. We are also providing OEM/ODM/JDM services to our customers for our devices.

pallet tracking

Pallet Tracker

Tracker is the ideal choice to protect your cargo and goods when they are being shipped through long distances. As the name suggests, the tracker can be easily fitted to the pallet on which the cargo has been loaded. The device is equipped with an advance 3-mode positioning GPS Technology and the illegal removal alarm further secure your shipment.

Luggage Tracker

The biggest concern while traveling is the safety of your luggage. With luggage trackers you will be notified whenever your bag is heading your way at the airport carousel, so no chance of losing your bag. Just place our luggage tracker in your baggage and stay be connected. When your luggage is in the airplane that device will switch to flight mode thus saving battery life and when the flight is landed it will automatically switch to tracking mode. The luggage owner can easily track the real-time location mobile app that helps in safety and total security of personal belonging.

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