Build your own brand of GPS wearable for kids!

Child Safety

Everyone wants their kids to be safe and secure. In the world where crime is increasing just like global warming, it is very important to protect your kids from bogyman. You never know when your child needs you or when he/she is in danger whether it is at school, playground, or relatives place. They can wander off in the blink of eye. Children don’t understand danger, they are just curious and want to explore. There are many seen and unseen dangers, being a parent or guardian it’s your responsibility to let them grow freely with complete protection.

You cannot be with your kids all the time but via GPS smart watch you can keep an eye on your kids from anywhere on your Smartphone or iOS device.

Today the most powerful and helpful technology is GPS (Global Positioning System). It allows you to never lose track of anything. It prevents you from losing your valuables. It is been used almost everywhere from mobile phone to cars. It is even very helpful in locating your kids.

Want to build your own GPS kids smart watch?

So are you interested in GPS Smartwatch technology? Want your own GPS Smartwatch? Looking to boom your business in GPS tracking industry?

If you are looking for a GPS Smartwatch tracking device, then here you have a GPS Smartwatch ODM manufactured by ThinkRace Technology.

Why to choose GPS Smartwatch wholesaler – ThinkRace Technology?

ThinkRace Technology is one of the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. Since 11 years, we have been serving more than 500 clients across the world.

We understand that it’s not that easy to run a business, thus we provide OEM/ODM/JDM and customize app and application services to our customers. We understand our customer’s need and try to fulfill them in the given time period.

Inbuilt features of GPS Smartwatch for kids:

  • With GPS Smartwatch PT401 tracker never miss your kid’s real-time location.
  • Two-way communication let you answer and dial specific contacts.
  • Voice monitoring feature let you monitor your kid’s surrounding and ensure their safety.
  • SOS emergency button provides emergency help.
  • Health monitoring feature let you monitor your sleep, calorie burnt, distance travelled.

We encourage our customers to interact with us so that we can maintain the level of customer service that is unmatched in the industry.