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GPS Tracking Device For Luggage

There is a tough case against checking in your luggage: it can get damaged, it’s inconvenient and worst of all, and it can get lost. But if you are an eternal over packer or your travels require more than a carry-on, you can’t always shun checking in. It’s a clear-cut risk, but there is a way out that may help put your mind at ease, at least in terms of knowing where your bags are at all times.

Although it doesn’t avert the airline from losing your luggage, you will at least have peace of mind and you can help them repossess it quicker knowing exactly where it’s at. The luggage tracking Technological solution is presented by ThinkRace Technology.

Luggage tracker keeps track of your luggage and keeps your journey alive!

The baggage locator is a wonderful tracking solution! Once you start using it, you will get hooked on it. For travelers, the luggage is not just a piece but more than a bag to put things in when they take a trip. The luggage is more than a place to keep your clothes and essentials, as it holds memories of the trips taken around the world. So keep those memories safe and sound is vital for an individual!

Here’s how it works

Luggage GPS tracker is a GEO-tracking solution that helps you track your bags at virtually any airport in the world. The GPS tracking device for luggage is best suited for everyone! Whether you are traveling for business, vacation or with huge valuable items, the tracker gives you an assurance that your belonging is safe and secure. It can be packed in any size of the bag making the tracking convenient and smarter. Further with the help of web tracking platforms, it let you focus on what really matters and make your trips more relaxing and more enjoyable.

Some of the key features of the GPS tracking device

  • Tracking luggage with long-battery life- Rechargeable battery that is perfect for travelers or road warriors.
  • Reliability of GPS luggage- We use cell- tower connected technology which is more dependable.
  • Global SIM- Travels the world with ease now as GPS tracker AT15 uses global sim that can be traced virtually everywhere.
  • Alerts- Get numerous kinds of alerts with our tracking solution like over-speed alarm, movement alarm, remove alarm to name a few.
  • GEO-Fencing- with this tracking device, you can distinct unsafe area from the safe area.

Why only ThinkRace

  • Having more than 11 years of experience, we are luggage tracker wholesaler and manufacturer, who make the best use of the tracking technology.
  • Focused on innovating manufacturing tracking products, we do cater with the ODM/OEM/JDM services.
  • Create your own customized apps and applications to trace the real-time location of the baggage.
  • Capable to assemble 8000+ devices per day, our team comprises of R&D and operational skilled engineers.
  • The luggage tracker designing counts for in PCBA, Prototype designing.
  • We have best after-sales support to provide high-level of contentment to the clients.