Optimize your rental car business with GPS OBD car tracker

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Car rental is a profitable business, considering that many tourists prefer renting a car while on a family vacation because it’s more convenient and they can drive in the comfort of their choice. In some ways, it is also risky because you are letting a stranger rent your car. The only way to safeguard your business is through the use of car GPS OBD tracker.

What is GPS OBD car tracking for car rental fleet?

Rental cars are the asset of the rental car company. The use of GPS OBD car tracker is the most practical thing to do for the maximum potential of your rental business and asset monitoring. Money spent car maintenance will add up and will become more expensive in future. But with GPS OBD tracking device, you will gain savings.

GPS OBD device will work as a manager for your fleet. The car GPS OBD fleet management system enables you to keep an eye on each and every rental car in your fleet. Using GPS OBD car tracking device, rental car business can now make sure that your vehicles are operating under optimal condition, and your renters are being responsible for the condition the car given to them and for the condition, it is received from them.

What benefits does GPS OBD car tracking device give?

  • Location monitor- Rental car owner how is handling a number of cars. It is always a challenging and tough situation when they manage so many fleets. OBD GPS car tracker allows the business owners to avail data regarding each and every aspect of all the vehicles.
  • Ensures safety- Fleets are an asset to any car rental company and to make sure they stay in good condition for a longer period, it is important they should be driven properly. As an entrepreneur, you will draw some safety regulations for the car and GPS OBD device will let you know if those safety regulations are taken care of.
  • Live GPS Mapping – One of the benefits of GPS OBD car tracking is the GPS live mapping. It allows rental companies to keep a track of their rental cars. It gives them information of their fleet, which of their cars are available, rented, or even if stolen. Whatever is the case, the good thing about rental car GPS OBD tracker is that it gives the exact location details of the cars.
  • Virtual borders- Car rental operators limit the regions that their cars can travel to. With the help of geo-fencing in GPS OBD tracking device, the rental car business owner will know if the renter travelled outside the permitted area. The GPS OBD tracker on the rental car will send an alert message to the fleet owner.
  • Start and stop- This will allow you to stop the car from starting. at times a customer might extend the rental without your permission. You as a rental company can disable the vehicle from starting within a touch of the button. This allows you to make arrangements with the renter.
  • Service credibility- Improve service credibility for your customer with the help of GPS OBD tracker device, if there is a breakdown of the car, the car rental company can locate the client in real time and they can provide help and service to the client. This helps in cutting down the time a client has to wait to get back on the road. This enhances the credibility of the company’s commitment.

ThinkRace Technology is a GPSOBD device manufacturer, our car tracking device capture telematics data. So, it is ideal for rental car business regardless of how many vehicles are there in the fleet. It not only provides a way of monitoring assets and protection against misuse but also enables companies to ensure they are being driven responsibly.