The latest tracking technologies-Is this the beginning of the end for lost bags?

Lost Luggage

As per to the reports presented by the SITA Baggage for the year 2017, 5.73 bags per thousand passengers were delayed or lost in 2016 – a 12.25-percent drop evaluated to the preceding year and a 70-percent diminution over the past 10 years.

With the augment of technology and IATA resolution, it has been observed a sharp decline in the lost luggage, aviation IT specialists have also predicted the figures will trim down further.

The 3 key changes in technology and how they benefit patrons:

1) RFID technology to facilitate compliance with IATA resolution 753.

2) Electronic bag tags to amplify efficiency for customers.

3) Location GPS tracking device for absolute visibility and customer buoyancy.

RFID technology

IATA resolution 753 needs every member airlines to keep track of every item of baggage at four key points of the journey: check-in, during aircraft loading, during transfers between aircraft and on arrival. This entails airlines, airports and 3rd party handlers to endow in technology such as RFID tracking which can then be used to give clients noticeable of when their bag has passed through these key touch points (RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification and uses electromagnetic fields to automatically recognize and track tags attached to objects).

The main disadvantage is the high cost involved in this technology. Size and weight is another big concern for the same.

Electronic bag tags

The benefit of these tags is principally focused on reducing the amount of time it takes you to check in. Once the electronic bag tag is attached to your bag, you can use their app to check in, get your boarding pass and your bag tag, all before you get to the airport.

The cause of some delayed and lost bags is that the tag gets caught in the baggage system and ripped off, without any information about which flight it should be on, it then gets left at the airport.

GPS tracking solution

The next and supreme level of traceability comes from GPS tracking devices which are appropriate for any sort of bag.

How does GPS luggage tracker work?

The Geo-tracking solution that helps you tracks your bags at virtually any airport in the world. Whether travelling for business, vacation, or with large valuable items, packs inside any size bag, making it smarter and traceable. Together with the free mobile app, focus on what really matters and makes your trips more relaxing and enjoyable.

Is it specifically designed for tracking luggage across the world?

There are a lot of trackers out there, some Companies have chosen to specialize in personal belongings, some have focused on luggage and others do both.

Other Features of GPS luggage tracker

The tracking device comes with ultra-long standby battery, light in weight and is suitable for any kind of luggage. Furthermore, it delivers you with real-time location of your baggage.

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